Rewards and Recognition Resources

Activity Department Details
Employee Excellence Awards
VP&S Award for Excellence
Urology HR
VP&S Central HR
School of Nursing
Certificates and/or plaques provided annually
Employee Appreciation Lunch
Employee Appreciation Award
Bring Your Child To Work Day*
Institute of Comparative Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
School of Nursing*
Certificates of recognition and department paraphernalia provided annually. Staff nominated by managers and peers.
*National Bring Your Child To Work Day (annual)
Annual Recognition (i.e. Admin Professionals Day, Nurses' Week, etc.) Per National Calendar Pediatrics
Radiation Oncology 
School of Nursing
Paraphernalia provided, breakfast/lunch supplied, cafeteria food voucher, personalized card
Employee/Staff Retreat
Holiday Party/Summer Outing
Institute of Human Nutrition
School of Nursing
Offsite teambuilding/engagement event annually
Employee Service Awards College of Dental Medicine
School of Nursing
Employees recognized for years of continuous service (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, etc.)
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Quarter
Otolaryngology Employee recognized for excellence/good standard monthly or quarterly
P.R.I.D.E. Award Neurology Awards and paraphernalia issued
Giraffe Award Facilities Management ´╗┐Employee recognized for good standard quarterly
CUIMC HR Hero Award CUIMC Central HR Employee recognized for teamwork and good HR service to clients quarterly
  • Continuous effort should be made to reward & recognize remote employees to keep them engaged

  • Rewards & recognition should be done timely, frequently, consistently to ensure practice is meaningful

  • Rewards & recognition should be personal to the recipient and visible when possible

Modes of Rewards & Recognition Include:

Staff Birthday Celebration Bonuses/Local Gift Cards
Approved Time Off E-Cards/Hand-written Thank You
Charity/Social Responsibility E-Mail Recognition
Employee Suggestion Awards Appreciation Box
Team Awards On The Spot Recognition
Public/Social/Bulletin Board Recognition Increased Responsibility/Visibility
Attendance/Safety Award Job Advancement/Stretch Assignment
  Other Fun Celebrations

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