Rewards and Recognition

Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) encourages the recognition of excellence in the workplace. 

We believe rewards should be given promptly, frequently, and consistently to ensure the practice is meaningful. They should also be personal to the recipient and visible when possible. In addition, we feel continuous effort should be made to reward and recognize remote employees to keep them engaged.

Modes of rewards and recognition may include:

  • Staff birthday celebrations
  • Approved time off
  • Employee suggestion awards
  • Team awards
  • Bulletin board recognition
  • Attendance/safety awards
  • Bonuses
  • Local gift cards
  • E-Cards or hand-written thank you’s
  • Appreciation box
  • On-the-spot recognition
  • Increased responsibility/visibility
  • Job advancement / Stretch assignment

Other Resources

Managers may refer to these additional resources when considering how to recognize team members: