CUIMC Steps: Digital Step Challenge

November 1-19, 2021

CUIMC Steps: Digital Step Challenge Results

Total Steps (in order of place)

  • 154 team members - Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons, 23,194,570 for total of 9,691 miles
  • 60 team members - CUIMC Central Administration, 11,139,701 for a total of 4,896 miles
  • 51 team members - School of Nursing, 8,369,513 for a total of 3,348 miles
  • 27 team members - College of Dental Medicine, 4,552,481 for a total of 1,725 miles
  • 23 team members - Mailman School of Public Health, 3,753,345 for a total of 1,598 miles

Average number of Steps per participant over 19 days (in order of place)

  • CUIMC Central Administration (60p), 185,661 steps – pp avg. distance of 82 miles
  • College of Dental Medicine (27p), 168,610 steps – pp avg. distance pp 64 miles
  • School of Nursing (51p), 164,108 pp avg. distance pp 66 miles
  • Mailman School of Public Health (23p), 163,188 pp avg. distance pp 69 miles
  • Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons (154p), 150,614 pp avg. distance pp 63 miles

CUIMC Steps: Digital Step Challenge Information

Challenge Overview

For three weeks in November 2021, faculty and staff  competed in teams representing their affiliated school or CUIMC central administration.

Participants aimed for a minimum of 7,000 steps per day to help their team attain the highest average step count or step the furthest by the end of the challenge. Other exercises and activities counted when converted to step equivalent. See the conversion chart of wheelchair distance to steps. 

The challenge was hosted on the mobile app, MoveSpring, where you can track your steps, share photos, and more. 

Description of Teams

CUIMC employees joined a team based on affiliated school or role at CUIMC. The five teams, with descriptions, included:

  • College of Dental Medicine
    • Faculty and staff that work at/for the school
  • CUIMC Central Administration
    • Budget/Finance/Controllers Office, Facilities Management and Campus Services, IT, Public Safety, Communications, Government & Community Affairs, HR, Academic Affairs/Faculty Affairs/ISSO, ICM, EH&S and CUIMC based employees from the Office of Research
  • Mailman School of Public Health
    • Faculty and staff that work at/for the school
  • School of Nurs​ing
    • Faculty and staff that work at/for the school
  • Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons
    • Faculty and Staff the work at/for the school which includes our clinical and basic departments, or groups that support those activities

Description of Awards and Prizes

Team Awards

  • "Stepped it up" award plaque- to the team with the highest average step count
  • "Went the distance" award plaque- to the team with the most total steps by the challenge end

Individual Prizes

  • Challenge MVP- participant with the highest step count at the end of the challenge (regardless of team) 
  • Team High Steppers- the participant with the highest total step count on each team (excluding challenge MVP)  
  • Step Contributor Raffle- any participant contributing steps during the challenge will be entered in a raffle to win a prize (3 prizes total)