Symplr Training


Advanced trainings build on the knowledge from the Basic Distribution Training and focus on specific areas or subjects. In this Advanced Distribution Training, we will focus News and Event features. We will walk users through the process of adding, editing and implementing news and event items on your site.


  • Runtime: Approximately 2 hours
  • Required for site editing access? Yes
  • This training is required for profile editing access privileges. 
  • This training is conducted currently online only. Zoom information will be sent only to registrants on the day of the event.
  • Please join the training promptly on time as a courtesy to the presenter and others that did join on time. 5 minutes after the training starts, it will be locked so others can't join. This is to avoid disruptions and allow the presenter to focus on the presentation rather than attendance.
  • This Training is not regularly scheduled. To request this training, please contact us.


This is included in your project costs. 


  1. What is Symplr Directory?
  2. What does a profile look like on CUIMC sites?
  3. What can Department Administrators update?
  4. How do you create new profiles?
  5. Using Symplr Directory
  6. Resources and Support
  7. FAQs