Content Strategy & Production

 All our websites benefit from a top-of-the-line, modern, stable, and robust platform called the Distribution. It offers new features, responsive design, timely security updates, and constantly improved functionality. 

Content Strategy

How content is written, structured, and organized on a website is absolutely critical to a successful web experience. The Web Services team offers a wide variety of content strategy services that will better connect you with your target audience and ensure an optimal user experience. We can help you with: 

  • Aligning your content and user experience with your digital goals. 
  • Accessibility compliance.
  • Analyzing traffic to your site to identify patterns and optimize your strategy.
  • Information architecture strategy to organize content within the navigation to ensure a smooth user journey. 
  • Ranking safeguarding and redirection assessment and strategy to ensure search engine rankings remain and continue to improve.  
  • Content SEO to improve visibility and increase organic search traffic. 
  • Writing compelling patient stories and narrative content.

Advantages & Features

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Our mission is to provide top-notch services and products that empower you to update and refine your content so you can engage your audience in the most effective way possible. Below you will find the many advantages and features that make our product the obvious choice.

  • CUIMC Strategy + Branding

    • Integrate the CUIMC visual identity and reach more of your targeted audience.
    • Aligned with CUIMC executive leadership priorities and direction 
    • Routine site analytics review and data interpretation with data-driven recommendations and direction. 
    • Regular audience research and competitor analysis to drive your digital goals and growth plan. 
    • Content strategy and information architecture development ensuring a smooth user journey. 
    • Complies with University and Medical Center branding and identity guidelines and requirements. 
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  • Integrations

    • Implement helpful tools to enhance your site and its content.
    • CAS integrated logins, eliminating unauthorized use and strengthening access by requiring a UNI.  
    • Event Calendar integration for Columbia and CUIMC event management, sharing and promotion.
    • Google Analytics integration allowing analytics review and interpretation with data-driven recommendations. 
    • RecruitMe integration for promoting clinical trials on your site and connecting researchers with volunteers
    • Symplr Directory integration for faculty, provider, and research profile managment.
    • Video-embed integrations with YouTube and Vimeo
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  • Knowledge and Expertise

    • We can help create and edit search-optimized content and implement helpful features.
    • Expertise in communication, writing, education, healthcare, research, web technology, and CUIMC content. 
    • Web experts that bridge the gap between strategy, content, data, and technical implementation. 
    • Skilled developers using the latest and modern methods that utilize leading frameworks and technology. 
    • Content crafted and optimized for high performance and conversion for search engines and visitors.
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  • Protection and Security

    • Our sites undergo regular security updates and audits in close coordination with CUIMC IT.
    • Regular security audits and patches, including daily backups and disaster recovery processes in place. 
    • CAS integrated logins, eliminating unauthorized use and strengthening access by requiring a UNI.  
    • Coordination with CUIMC IT to ensure security compliance and approval. 
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  • Quality User Experience

    • Our sites work on all devices and meet accessibility standards.
    • Compliant with the latest accessibility recommendations and legal requirements. 
    • QA tested on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, across a variety of browsers and operating systems. 
    • Integrations with 3rd party tools to reduce duplicate content and reuse content across multiple systems. 
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  • Resources & Support

    • Our user guides, online training, and content strategy expertise enable your team to produce great content.
    • User guides covering a wide range of subjects for self-service to reduce support requests. 
    • Online training for content strategy, product and integration usage and application, and advanced courses for power users. 
    • A professional and personable team to assist with all your needs from content to technical issues. 
    • Direct connection to leadership at CUIMC to address organizational and medical center website needs.
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For additional details and extended information on features and functionality, check out our user guides.

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