Basic Distribution Training


In the Basic Distribution Training, we teach users how to manage content on basic pages so that it can be applied to the other content types. We describe in detail how to format text, add images, create galleries, write hyperlinks, add redirects, and arrange menu items.




This is included in your annual costs. 


  • This is only for users needing access to a Distribution site
  • This training is mandatory for all new users before receiving access privileges. For more information on required training, please visit the training section on our FAQ page. 
  • If you are looking for training on news, that is not covered, please check out our Advanced Distribution Training: News & Events.
  • This training is conducted currently online only
  • Please join the training promptly on time as a courtesy to the presenter and others that did join on time. 5 minutes after the training starts, it will be locked so others can't join. This is to avoid disruptions and allow the presenter to focus on the presentation rather than attendance.


  • This is open to all individuals who need to edit websites. Approval will be required from your unit before getting access. It is recommended that you confirm your approval for editing access before registering for training.
  • Attendees should have completed the following required training first: Web Content Strategy Training
  • You must have an active CU UNI to participate in the workshop portion of this training.

How To Register

  • Please view our Training Schedule to register for this training.
  • If there are no scheduled training sessions available, please contact us to request one.
  • Zoom information will be sent only to registrants on the day of the event.

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Training Day

  • The Zoom link will be emailed only to those who have registered on the day of the event.
  • We recommend attending the Zoom individually and not as a group since this can impact attendance.
  • Attendance is taken so please ensure your name is clearly displayed in Zoom.
  • Please make sure your Zoom application is working properly before the event to avoid issues.
  • Please make sure you are not on any networks or VPNs that could impact logging into Zoom.
  • Please join the training promptly at the scheduled time out of respect for the presenter and other attendees. This helps prevent missed attendance and disruptions, allowing the presenter to focus on the presentation.
  • Taking notes is not required as we will provide a recording and slides after the training session.
  • If you have issues joining, please contact us.

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Presentation Slides

Basic Distribution Training

If you need to reference what we went over in training, then view the Basic Distribution  Training slides.

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