Basic Distribution Training


In the Basic Distribution Training, we teach users how to manage content on basic pages so that it can be applied to the other content types. We describe in detail how to format text, add images, create galleries, write hyperlinks, add redirects, and arrange menu items. Additionally, a JIRA Training will also be included at the end for any users who will be web liaisons and will need to create support requests through JIRA.


  • This is only for users needing access to a Distribution site
  • This training is mandatory for all new users before receiving access privileges. For more information on required training, please visit the training section on our FAQ page. 
  • If you are looking for training on news, which is not covered, please check out our Advanced Distribution Training: News & Events.
  • This training is conducted currently online only. Zoom information will be sent only to registrants on the day of the event.
  • Please join the training promptly on time as a courtesy to the presenter and others that did join on time. 5 minutes after the training starts, it will be locked so others can't join. This is to avoid disruptions and allow the presenter to focus on the presentation rather than attendance.


  • This is included in your project or annual costs. 


Below you find the key subject areas that we'll be going over, along with links to any associated user guides.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Distribution
    1. Overview
    2. Sandbox vs. Production
  3. Integrations
    1. Central Authentication Service (CAS)
    2. Google Maps and MyMaps
    3. YouTube and Vimeo
    4. Symplr Directory (Profiles)
    5. Bedework (Events)
  4. Using the Distribution
    1. Login
    2. Creating a page
    3. Uploading an image
    4. Adding an embedded image
    5. Adding an embedded video
    6. Using clear floats and divider lines
    7. Creating a draft
    8. Creating a link
    9. Creating a button
    10. Uploading a PDF
    11. Updating a PDF
    12. Linking to a PDF
    13. Linking to an email
    14. Adding a page to a menu
    15. Publishing and Unpublishing
    16. Reverting to an earlier revision
    17. Disabling a menu item
    18. Moving a page to a different part of the site
  5. Structured Content
    1. Creating an FAQ page
    2. Creating an Our Team page
    3. Creating a Contact Us page
      1. Adding an Address or Map
      2. Embedding a Custom Google My Map
  6. Galleries
    1. Creating a Gallery
    2. Adding a gallery to a page
  7. Timeline
    1. Creating timeline items
    2. Adding a timeline to a page
  8. Sitewide Alerts
    1. Configuring and enabling alerts
    2. Linking to a news item
  9. Advanced Site Builder Features Overview
    1. Featured Layouts
    2. Gateways
    3. CTAs
    4. Featured Content
    5. Group Events
  10. Resources and Support
    1. User Guides
    2. Open Office Hours
    3. Advanced Training
    4. New Feature Ideas
    5. Support Requests
  11. Summary