About Us

Welcome to CUIMC Digital Strategy & Web Services

Our Approach

We’ve developed a user-friendly process and product that can help you and your CUIMC organization:

  • Determine what information needs to be included on your site.
  • Organize your content for the best and most efficient user experience.
  • Identify which features will improve how users access your information.
  • Present a visually engaging site that promotes your brand and enhances the user experience.
  • Create a site that is accessible for all users across all platforms, devices, and settings, including technology designed to assist users with disabilities.

Having a modern website that reflects how people currently access information is essential to our goals as an academic institution. Visitors have come to expect a well-designed, functional site with features that allow them to navigate with confidence, security and ease.

The User Journey Matters

It’s common for organizations to forget who is using their site. Even the most persistent visitor will give up if they have to work too hard to find what they’re looking for. Common missteps include:

  • Extraneous, confusing or overly complicated information.
  • Content that only makes sense within the department.
  • Duplicative or irrelevant content.
  • Dense text that fails to clearly communicate important information.

A well-designed site focuses on why a user is there and simplifies access to relevant material. An intuitive and easy path should be the user's journey and experience.