Open Office Hours


Open Office hours is an open discussion and training session available to all Distribution users free of charge. During this session, you’ll be able to ask questions, go over real examples, and get one-on-one training and support from CUIMC Web Services.



These sessions don't have a set agenda and topics vary depending on those that participate. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


None, this one is free!


  • Runtime: approximately 1 hour
  • Required for site editing access? No
  • This is typically limited to only 6 people and is first-come, first-serve. If attendance is high, we can coordinate an alternative time with you.
  • This class is conducted currently online only


This training is available to everyone.

How To Register

  • You will need to have a valid CU UNI to attend and access any systems involved with training.
  • Please view our Training Schedule to register for this training.
  • Please do not register on behalf of others. Individuals who need to attend should register themselves. 
  • If there are no scheduled training sessions available, please contact us to request one.

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Training Day

  • The Zoom link will be emailed only to those who have registered on the day of the event.
  • Please make sure your Zoom application is working properly before the event to avoid issues.
  • Please make sure you are not on any networks or VPNs that could impact logging into Zoom.
  • If you have issues joining, please contact us.

Get Registered

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If you found the training you were looking for and are ready to get started, please check out our schedule and register.

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