Louisa Gross Horwitz on the left, and her son, S. Gross Horwitz on the right.

Louisa Gross Horwitz and her son, S. Gross Horwitz

The Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize was established under the will of the late S. Gross Horwitz through a bequest to Columbia University and is named to honor the donor's mother. Louisa Gross Horwitz was the daughter of Dr. Samuel David Gross (1805–1889), a prominent Philadelphia surgeon and author of the outstanding two volume Systems of Surgery, who served as President of the American Medical Association.

The prize consists of an honorarium and citation that are awarded at a special presentation event. Unless otherwise recommended by the Prize Committee, the prize is awarded annually.

Prize recipients discuss their research as part of a lecture series at Columbia. For more information, view the Horwitz Prize Lecture Series.

Horwitz Prize Lecture Series

Katrina Armstrong, MD, CEO and Dean of CUIMC, presenting the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize to Katalin Karikó, PhD

View details on the past prize recipients' discussions of their research as well as details on this years upcoming lecture. 

Lecture Series Details