COVID at Two Years

To mark this milestone in the pandemic, faculty and staff at Columbia University Irving Medical Center reflect on what we’ve learned.

Top Stories

  • What was learned by researchers during the pandemic has changed the mindset for scientists: “Why do we have to follow the old routine when we see a new paradigm working so well?”


    David Ho in the lab speaking with another scientist
  • Columbia health care workers tell us about the pandemic’s toll on their lives and what CUIMC is doing to alleviate the burden. Emotional support, self-care, and instilling hope are key.

    face of frontline physician with indentations on the face from wearing a mask
  • The COVID pandemic transformed students’ education but also imparted profound experiences that students say will make them stronger practitioners and leaders.


    Columbia medical student with stethoscope around neck
  • Children were spared the worst of COVID-19 early on, but they are now suffering psychological consequences from the pandemic’s social upheaval. Here’s what parents and educators can do.


    kids, wearing surgical masks, walking home from school

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