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  • New Columbia research suggests that targeting neighboring bone cells may be a better strategy than targeting malignant stem cells to treat acute myeloid leukemia.

    blood smear slides in a tray
  • In the face of daunting disparities in health care, the medical community can take small steps that make a difference, a Columbia orthopedic surgeon writes.


    Wakenda Tyler, MD, Columbia University orthopedic surgeon
  • The National Cancer Act, signed into law Dec. 23, 1971, funded the expansion of cancer research and care at Columbia. Today, with plans for a new clinical building, the future looks bright.


    Irving Cancer Research Center sign
  • Innovation and discovery are at the heart of Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center's mission to reduce the burden of cancer. Learn more in the HICCC's 2021 annual report.

    cancer researcher looking though a microscope

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