About Us

Columbia Clinical Innovation Lab

About Us

We lead in providing innovative and state-of-the-art healthcare for our patients. We apply a structured approach, methodology, and framework where unmet needs are addressed by new ideas and then translated into sustainable products or services.

Meet Our TeamĀ 

The Columbia Clinical Innovation Lab takes a multidisciplinary approach to bring cutting-edge approaches to healthcare. The team is led by experts in clinical care and healthcare administration.

Executive Sponsors

  • Dr. Nick Homma

    • Deputy Chief, Division of Cardiology
  • Dr. Tim Crimmins

    • Chief Medical Information Officer

Technical Advisor

  • Chad Neal

    • Chief Information Officer
    Chad Neal

Clinical Advisors

  • Siqin "Kye" Ye, MD

    • Associate Chief Medical Officer, ColumbiaDoctors
  • Rachel Lewis, MD

    • Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, ColumbiaDoctors

Innovation Strategy

  • Namita Azad

    • Senior Director, Organizational Development-Transformation
    Namita Azad
  • Corinne Depue

    • Director, Organizational Development-Transformation
    Corinne Depue
  • Christopher Saffos

    • Organizational Development Specialist
    Christopher Saffos
  • Carolyn Armstrong

    • Health Information Data Analyst

Project Management

  • Naomi Cigan

    • Director, Project Management Office, ColumbiaDoctors
    Naomi Cigan

Marketing and Communications

  • Kristin O'Meara

    • Director Of Strategic Communications, ColumbiaDoctors
    Kristin O'Meara
  • Russ Zimmer

    • Communications Coordinator, ColumbiaDoctors
    Russell Zimmer