September Brings Start of Epic Training

August 21, 2019

Epic training begins in September for a select group of team members at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). Staff members had the opportunity to take on the role of credential trainer (CT) as part of their engagement with the EpicTogether project. CUIMC’s Epic project team leaders and department heads recruited and completed the selection of 40 CTs.

These team members will deliver classroom-based training to Super Users and End Users for non-provider training tracks. Some CTs will also help facilitate provider training courses supporting the Specialist Training Specialists (STS) program.

Beginning Sept. 23, 2019, the CTs will start a six-week intensive training program that includes Epic’s e-learning courses and instructor-led training on the Epic module(s) and the EpicTogether validated workflows. In addition, CTs will learn about adult teaching strategies to apply in the classroom. Each CT will need to pass a credentialing examination to ensure they are well prepared to lead instruction for our more than 13,000 Super Users and End Users on non-provider training courses.

Erin Gibat, Revenue Cycle senior data analyst in the Department of Medicine, said she was interested in taking on this role because it would give her the chance to go deep into one of the most advanced electronic health record systems in the world. 

“This is a unique opportunity for me to grow personally and professionally,” Gibat, a former elementary school teacher, said. “It allows me to bring together my two passions of teaching and health care. I will obtain a comprehensive knowledge of Epic and then leverage that knowledge to better serve not only my department but the entire CUIMC community as we embrace the challenge of transitioning to Epic.”

When she worked as a teacher, Gibat recognized that students learned in different ways. She is looking forward to the challenge of figuring out the best way for each member of the clinical and administrative teams to learn the platform.

Tasha Green, an assistant practice manager in faculty practice operations, says she is grateful and excited for the opportunity to be part of the new Epic venture as she believes it will do wonders for the organization.

“I really enjoy learning new technologies and helping people,” Green said. “Being a credentialed trainer will give me the opportunity to do that on a larger scale.” Green said she is looking forward to seeing how Epic will improve patient and employee satisfaction as well as streamline patient care and operations.

CTs wrap up their training in the first week of November, just in time to help Super Users with their training.

Epic Engagement Team Tip

Practices and other departmental teams in obstetrics & gynecology are challenging one another to get creative! If your department or team has multiple Epic practice readiness centers, consider having a competition to see which group designs and posts the most creative center. If your team only has one center, challenge a nearby department or division.