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Our Most Read Stories of 2022

From celiac disease drugs to long COVID to burping (well, not burping), here are the most-read CUIMC News stories in 2022:

11. Lumps and Bumps in Kids: When to Worry 

Not every bump on a child’s body is a cause for concern: When to call your doctor and when to stay home.

10. Decades of Air Pollution Undermine the Immune System

A study by Columbia immunologists shows that inhaled environmental pollutants accumulate inside immune cells, eventually weakening the cells’ ability to fight respiratory infections. 

9. What a Columbia Urologist Wants Men to Know About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among men in the United States.

8. Promising ALS Therapy Moves Closer to Clinic

Based on Columbia research, an experimental drug for a rare type of ALS is in phase 3 testing.

7. New Type of Ultraviolet Light Makes Indoor Air as Safe as Outdoors

A new ultraviolet light could reduce spread of airborne diseases indoors.

6. What Have We Learned about Long COVID?

One out of four people have COVID symptoms for more than 12 weeks, with varying degrees of severity.

5. What’s the Deal with Vitamin D?

 The primary source of vitamin D is sunlight, but between October and April in New York, the sun provides minimal or no vitamin D, regardless of time spent outdoors.

4. What is a plant-based diet, and is it healthy?

A plant-based diet is not the same as a vegetarian diet.

3. Drugs for Celiac Disease May Be on the Horizon

Drug therapy for celiac disease has evolved from a mere concept to more than a dozen candidate medications in trials with patients.

2. Brushing immediately after meals? You may want to wait.

You should wait 30 minutes after eating before brushing your teeth.

1. This is what happens when you cannot burp, ever

For people who cannot burp, a treatment is available.