CUIMC Update - February 7, 2024

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Academy of Community and Public Service Inducts 10 Faculty Members
Ten CUIMC faculty members were inducted into the Academy of Community and Public Service, which recognizes faculty who have gone above and beyond to promote health, well-being, and overall quality of life in the Washington Heights community and around the world.

CUIMC Students Travel to Albany for Advocacy Day
A group of 20 students from VP&S and Mailman spent a day in Albany, meeting with legislators and other policymakers to lobby on issues of importance to the students, including access to health care, reproductive health, and others.

New Center for Patient Safety Science
Led by Jason Adelman, MD, the new Center for Patient Safety Science will shape the future of patient safety and quality of care at CUIMC and around the world. Visit the center’s website for more information on fellowship and training opportunities, patient safety research, and the center's impact on patient care.

You May Be Grinding Your Teeth Without Even Knowing It
Many people who grind their teeth have no idea they’re doing it, but teeth grinding can have serious consequences. Daria Vasilyeva, DDS, an oral pathologist in the College of Dental Medicine, shares what you should know about teeth grinding.

Department of Surgery Launches Center for Colorectal Surgery and Interventional Endoscopy
Led by colorectal surgeon Pokala Ravi Kiran, MD, and interventional gastroenterologist Bo Shen, MD, the center will offer innovative treatments for severe and difficult-to-treat colorectal conditions and surgery-related complications, emphasizing effective relief while avoiding life-impacting compromises like ostomy.



Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

  • Ottavio Arancio, MD, PhD, Taub Institute
    $307,080 over one year from Annovis Bio for "Effects of Buntanetap combined with a GLP-1 analogue in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease."
  • Korhan Buyukturkoglu, PhD, Neurology
    $730,849 over five years from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for "Thalamus Derived Radiomic Features to Explore Cognitive Impairment in People With Multiple Sclerosis and At-Risk Individuals."
  • Sumin Jang, PhD, Pathology & Cell Biology
    $272,484 over two years from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke for "Identifying human-specific neural progenitors and their role in neurodevelopment."
  • Jinsook Son, PhD, Medicine
    $456,331 over three years from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases for "Genetic and pharmacologic inhibition of ALDH1A3 as a treatment of beta cell failure."
  • Robert Wechsler-Reya, PhD, HICCC
    $3,443,832 over six years from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke for "Identifying and Targeting the Drivers of Pediatric Brain Tumors."


Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

Social Media Snapshot


Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Meet Columbia University College of Dental Medicine’s new interim dean: Roseanna Graham, DDS, PhD.

Dr. Graham addressed the CDM community by sharing reflections on her time as a student and faculty member at the college, as well as her vision for the future of the school. She went on to recognize the important role that the faculty, students, and staff have at #ColumbiaMed, adding that she is looking forward to continuing the college's tradition of “learning, discovery, opportunity, and growth.”

In the News Highlights

  • A Stealthy Cholesterol Is Killing People, and Most Don't Know They're at Risk
    Feb 1, 2024
    NBC News Online
    Cardiologist Dr. Sahil Parikh believes there should be wider testing for Lp(a). "The challenge has been, if you test for something and don't have a treatment for it, are you doing the patient any favors?" said Parikh, director of endovascular services at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York. "I used to not test for things that I couldn't treat. But now I do, because I know on the horizon, we're going to have good treatments. It gives patients hope."
  • The Apple Watch May Have a Calorie Problem
    Feb 1, 2024
    The Atlantic
    But several studies suggest that calorie measurements on fitness trackers are frequently inaccurate. “If you look at the systematic reviews on every study that’s ever tested the validity of these wearable devices, the definitive conclusion they always make is these things are useless for energy-expenditure estimation,” Keith Diaz, an exercise physiologist and a professor at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, told me.
  • The Brian Lehrer Show: Can States Legislate Social Media Use for Teens?
    Jan 29, 2024
    WNYC (audio)
    In his State of the City address, Mayor Adams declared social media to be a public health hazard, at the same time that Florida is working on a ban for all teens under 16. Katherine Keyes, professor of epidemiology at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, talks about what her research has shown on the good and bad effects of social media.