March 3, 2022: Clarification on masking and daily attestation at CUIMC

Dear CUIMC community: 

Earlier today, you received a University-wide email here announcing that pursuant to our COVID-19 monitoring plan we are currently in the “green zone.” As a consequence, as of 3/14 indoor masking will move to optional and daily symptom attestation will not be required. 

However, the following are clarifications as they relate to CUIMC. 

  • All faculty, staff, and students who are in direct contact with patients or in direct contact with providers who see patients shall continue to need to wear masks. 
  • All faculty, staff, and students who are working in or who will enter NYP buildings must continue to wear masks. 
  • The change in daily symptom attestation will not mean that you will get a red pass, as a green pass is required for many NYP spaces. As long as you have completed all the items on your Reopen CU app under My Checklist, which virtually all of you have done, you will continue to get a green pass on your phone. However, swipe cards of people who are not compliant with the remaining safety protocols (training, vaccination mandate, and a signed compact) will be deactivated and those individuals will not be permitted to enter University buildings. 


Donna Lynne, DrPH    
Sr. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, CUIMC
University COVID Director  

William L. Innes
Chief Human Resources Officer, CUIMC