July 7, 2021: Clarifications Regarding Face Coverings, Distancing, and Visitors at CUIMC

Dear colleagues: 

On June 17, you received a Return to Campus: Policies and Procedures update from Ira Katznelson and myself. That email provides a comprehensive update of many COVID related policies for this summer and fall. There are a few clarifications I would like to make. 

  • Face Coverings and distancing: Face coverings must be worn indoors by all persons through August 2, regardless of their vaccination status. In addition, six-foot distancing must be maintained. Beginning August 3, face coverings continue, however, distancing is not required for those who are vaccinated. Beginning September 9, it is not necessary for vaccinated persons to wear a face covering or distance, as long as they are not in patient-facing areas, or areas where research on human subjects is being conducted. Unvaccinated persons must wear face coverings indoors and out. Face coverings must be worn at all times, regardless of vaccination status, in NYP buildings. For the most part, if you are vaccinated, after September 9 you will not have to wear face coverings in any CUIMC building except in common areas such as elevators or lobbies. All buildings leased or owned by CUIMC or NYP are listed below. Three buildings on this list are under the jurisdiction of NYC or NYS, and their respective rules apply.  
  • Visitors: For clarification regarding visitors this summer, see https://covid19.columbia.edu/content/guidelines-visitors-participating-academic-activities. Department heads no longer need to go to Dr. Shelanski’s committee to seek approval of visitors but must follow the aforementioned guidelines. Fall guidelines can be found at https://covid19.columbia.edu/content/visitor-guidelines-fall-2021 

Donna Lynne, DrPH 
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 
Columbia University Irving Medical Center 
University Covid Director 

* Indicates buildings that are patient-facing, including all NYP buildings.