When Fighting Metastatic Prostate Cancer Is a Family Affair

Most men survive decades after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Yet for some, the disease spreads fast and furiously, metastasizing to the bones.

In looking for a way to stop metastasis, researchers Cory Abate-Shen, PhD, and Michael Shen, PhD, have used all the tricks of molecular biology and genetics. And they got married.

"I started working with Michael to expand into in vivo work," says Dr. Abate-Shen. "I married him to make sure it was a full collaboration. We have a wonderful synergy. I'm a hard-core molecular biologist, always reducing things to the mechanism. He thinks about how the whole organism works."

Together the two have uncovered the role of Nkx3.1 in prostate cancer, created genetically engineered mice that develop metastatic prostate cancer, and are now using those mice to find new drugs.

Read more about the research in the College of Physician and Surgeon's 2013 Annual Report, now available online.


Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, metastatic prostate cancer