VP&S Medical Students Welcome Incoming MD Class with “In the Heights”-Inspired Performance



Columbia’s newest MD students in the incoming Class of 2025 received an extra special welcome this year: a video performance by fellow medical students that provides a lively introduction to the medical campus and its surrounding neighborhood. The video—directed, produced, and edited by members of the VP&S Class of 2024—is based on songs from the Broadway hit musical "In the Heights." A movie adaptation of the musical opened last week in movie theaters and is also streaming on HBO Max.

“We hope this video gives the Class of 2025 a taste of what it’s like to be a student at VP&S and gets them excited about starting their first year," says Adrianna Bergstein, a member of the VP&S Class of 2024 who helped to organize the video. "Entering medical school can be very intimidating, so we hoped this video would demonstrate that we do have the time and energy to be goofy and have fun outside of classes." 

The medical students spent most of the spring working on the project. They began casting in March, spent April recording the vocals and instrumentals, filmed in May, and completed editing in June. 

“I know it was a very strange year to apply for medical school for the incoming students, since their interviews were done virtually and they weren’t able to visit our campus or get a sense of the student body in person," says Megan Chung, a member of the VP&S Class of 2024 who helped to organize the video. "We also wanted to showcase how beautiful Washington Heights is and highlight some of the spots that they can expect to frequent come August.” 

The VP&S Class of 2025 will arrive on campus in mid-August for orientation.


Video credits

All students who participated in the video received the COVID-19 vaccine. Video content was recorded following the national, state, city, and university COVID-19 policies. 

Production and Direction: Adrianna Bergstein

Filming and Video Editing: Megan Chung

Filming Assistance: Alicia Li, Lauren Tucker

Music Editing: Jeremy Tervo

Lyrics: Adrianna Bergstein, Sara Lehman

Vocal Arrangement: Tejashree Gopal, Alice Tao

Rapping: Sara Lehman, Vanessa Weir

Vocal Solos: Tejashree Gopal, Alice Tao, Bethany Onyirimba

Saxophone Solo: Jeremy Tervo

Guitar Solo: Isaac Goldenthal

Piano Solo: Michael Mu

Choreography: Adrianna Bergstein

Dancing: Shea Adeuyan, Adhana Asfaw, Adrianna Bergstein, Will Britton, Mary Carmack, Ritt Givens, Prerana Katiyar, Anna Koerner, Sara Lehman, Molly Lesser, Alicia Li, Michael Mu, Bethany Onyirimba, Diana Perez, Daniel Shen, Irene Su, Stephen Tang, Lauren Tucker

Chorus: Adhana Asfaw, Adrianna Bergstein, William Britton, Marissa Caldwell, Jasmine Chaparro, Megan Chung, Omid Cohensedgh, Jackie Dragon, Ritt Givens, Tejashree Gopal, Pavi Guttipatti, Evan Hale, Molly Lesser, Jonah Majumder, Bethany Onyirimba, Diana Perez, Daniel Shen, Austin Su, Aurora Sullivan, Alice Tao, Jeremy Tervo, Lauren Tucker