Submit Your Art to Annual CUMC Fine Art Exhibition

You are invited to be part of the Sixth Annual CUMC Fine Art Exhibition, on display from May through June in the Hammer Teaching and Learning Center. This event will showcase CUMC's talented students, faculty, staff, and family members.

Read on for event details, as well as how to submit your art for the exhibition or for the event brochure. Sixth Annual CUMC Fine Art Exhibition:

What:       An art show featuring hundreds of works by CUMC community members.

Where:     Hammer Teaching and Learning Center, 168th Street and Fort Washington Avenue.

When:      Saturday, May 2, 4:30–7:30 p.m.: opening reception with food, beverages, music, and, of course, art. The exhibition will be up through the end of June.

Who:        All students, faculty and staff of CUMC and its graduate schools are welcome to submit artwork for possible inclusion in the show.

How:        To register artwork, please email We will accept registrations until further notice. In your email please include the following for the art piece(s) you intend to submit:

1) Artist name 2) Artist CUMC position (school, graduation year, specialty, department, etc.) 3) Artwork title 4) Artwork medium 5) Artwork dimensions 6) Any special display requirements (consider that 2D art will be hung on wall hooks)

Further details regarding submission of the physical artwork, which will occur the week of April 27, will follow.

Brochure Art Competition:

This year's brochure for the CUMC Fine Art Exhibition will feature work by a CUMC artist, selected through a competitive, juried process. To submit art for consideration, send a photograph of your work to We will accept submissions beginning March 1.


We hope to see you at the art opening Saturday, May 2, 4:30–7:30 pm.


The CUMC Fine Art Exhibition Planning Committee