Spinal Surgeon Recognized for Writing Three of Most-Cited Articles in His Field

Yongjung Kim

Yongjung Kim

Yongjung (Jay) Kim, MD, associate professor of orthopedic surgery and chief of spinal deformity surgery, is among the most-cited researchers in spinal deformity surgery, according to an article, “The 100 Classic Papers in Spinal Deformity Surgery,” published this month in the journal Spine Deformity.

The article’s authors analyzed nearly 40,000 scholarly works published between 1900 and 2013. Dr. Kim is one of only five surgeons in the world to have authored three or more articles that rank among the top 100 most-cited articles. His articles rank No. 8, No. 32, and No. 44 in the most-referenced articles on spinal deformity surgery.

The goal of this study was to identify the top 100 articles relevant to spinal deformity surgery and published in surgical and nonsurgery-related journals through an extensive search of the literature using methods validated in other similar, previously published studies.

Dr. Kim specializes in care and treatment of spinal disorders, including scoliosis, arthritis, and degenerative conditions, in both adults and children. He spent six years as a research scholar at Washington University School of Medicine’s spinal deformity service. He has won numerous honors and awards from the Scoliosis Research Society and the Cervical Spine Research Society, and has written more than 60 peer-reviewed publications and co-authored 13 book chapters. He received his MD degree from Seoul National University College of Medicine in South Korea.

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