P&S Students Celebrate Match Day 2013

On Match Day, medical school seniors at Columbia University learned where they will be headed for residency.

On Friday, March 15, members of the P&S Class of 2013 gathered in the Riverview Lounge for the day they have been waiting for since they began medical school: Match Day. The envelopes that would reveal their residency destinations were off limits until noon. Some stared at them from afar; others took pictures and planned the quickest route to their envelope.

At precisely 12:00 pm, after a countdown led by Lisa Mellman, MD, senior associate dean for student affairs, the students rushed to the tables, and the shouts of joy started seconds later.

"I applied for surgery and I'm going to Stanford," said Clem Marshall. "I'm really happy."

Another excited student, Victoria Ebiana, said, "I'm going to Yale for my medicine year and then to UCLA for neurology. I've always been fascinated by the brain; it makes us who we are, and I'm very happy."

P&S Match Day 2013

"I'm going to my first choice, NYU Emergency Medicine!" said Kurt MacDonald. "I'm here with family, friends, it couldn't be any better. I called the Moms, everyone's excited. Everyone was calmer than I was, but I didn't know what to expect."

Dr. Mellman said, "I don't know if I've ever seen so many people this excited. The match list looks fabulous. There are so many students going to top programs, and students got the specialties they wanted. We thought the class did really well, but it's clear that the students, individually, feel the same. We are delighted."


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