P&S Class of 2014 Members Elected to Alpha Omega Alpha

Election to Alpha Omega Alpha, the national medical honor society, signifies a lasting commitment to scholarship, leadership, professionalism, and service. A lifelong honor, membership in the society confers recognition of a physician's dedication to the profession and art of healing. About 3,000 new members are elected each year. Since AOA's founding in 1902, more than 150,000 members have been elected to the society.

Alpha Omega Alpha supports many programs for medical students and physicians at its 123 chapters and publishes a quarterly journal, The Pharos, which contains articles on nontechnical medical subjects, including history, ethics, and national issues, as well as personal essays and poetry.

Newly elected members from the P&S Class of 2014 are: Blake Alberts, Zeena Audi, Michael Ayers, Kyra Bernstein, Julia Blum, Abigail Campbell, Emily Case, Andrew Chan, Talia Chapman, Margot Cohen, Kimberly Dessources, Nathan Elwood, Maryl Goldberg, Michael Healy, Juliet Idiga, Daniel Jones, Bethany Johnson-Kerner, Philip Kaiser, Matthew Leskowitz, Darrick Li, David Martin, Michael McDowell, Evan O’Donnell, Katherine Schwartz, Evan Sheha, and Emily West.