New VP&S Faculty

The VP&S Office of Faculty Affairs has provided this list of full-time faculty who joined the medical school in February and March 2024. 

  • Ahmad Amoush, PhD, Radiation Oncology: Amoush is a board-certified medical physicist specializing in radiation oncology with an interest in research focused on motion management and brachytherapy.
  • Dusan Bogunovic, PhD, Pediatrics: Bogunovic, an expert in the mechanisms that underpin human immunity and childhood genetic diseases, is vice chair for basic research and director of the Center for Genetic Errors of Immunity. His research has provided critical basic insights into immune tolerance and immune function and is paving new roads toward gene therapy approaches and treatments for genetic errors of immunity, Down syndrome, infectious diseases, inflammation, and cancer.
  • Ajay Gupta, MD, Radiology: Gupta joined VP&S after serving as vice chair for research in the Department of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine. He is principal investigator on several current and prior research projects supported by the NIH, and his contributions to imaging research have been published in more than 200 peer-reviewed articles.
  • Marta Martin-Fernandez, PhD, Pediatrics
  • Vena M. Wilson, DSW, Psychiatry: Wilson is a licensed clinical social worker who has studied the effects that social isolation imposed on the emotional and psychological well-being of African American youth, how the detriments of social isolation impacted Black adolescents' desire to die by suicide, and methods to enhance the safety and resilience of African-American youth facing actual and perceived social isolation.