New VP&S Faculty

The VP&S Office of Faculty Affairs has provided this list of full-time faculty who joined the medical school in November 2023. 

  • Alex Johnson Addo, MD, Surgery
  • Corrine Ahrabi-Nejad, PhD, Psychiatry: Ahrabi-Nejad is a pediatric psychologist¬†specializing in pediatric solid organ transplant psychology. She implements evidence-based psychological interventions to help improve the overall quality of life for pediatric transplant patients. Her research interests focus on the behavioral health strategies that promote adherence among youth with chronic medical conditions.
  • Jessica Clare Becker, MD, Pediatrics
  • Sadie C. Cathcart, PhD, Psychiatry
  • Oswaldo J. Lanza Urosa, MD, Medicine
  • Aine Lynch, MBBCh, Pediatrics: Lynch is a pediatric cardiologist who specializes in heart failure and transplantation. She has a research interest in outcomes of pediatric heart failure and remote physiologic monitoring in pediatric cardiac care.
  • Susel Rodriguez Ortega, MD, Medicine
  • Ekaterina Veksler, MD, Anesthesiology
  • Juliette Marella Whitney, MD, Pediatrics