New Cd-Rom On Advances In Diagnosis And Treatment Of Breast Disease Features Columbia Presbyterian Experts

New York, NY, March 16, 2001 – A free two-disk CD-ROM about breast health and new advances in detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast disease is now available from the Columbia Presbyterian Department of Surgery. Featuring leading experts on the faculty of the Columbia Presbyterian Comprehensive Breast Center, part of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, the CD takes a comprehensive approach to overall breast health and disease. The CD-ROM is available at no charge, by calling toll-free (800) 543-2782, or faxing (212) 305-9495 to request a copy. Creation of the CD was prompted by the significant changes that have occurred in the past decade in every aspect in the treatment of breast disease, says Deborah Schwarz-McGregor, Director, Office of External Affairs, Department of Surgery. Ms. Schwarz-McGregor spearheaded production of the CD, in conjunction with the Comprehensive Cancer Center and Active Frame, Inc.. “Times have changed since the days when radical mastectomy was the sole treatment for breast disease,” Ms. McGregor says. “It is important for women – and the 1 percent of men who have breast cancer – to understand the multidisciplinary approach that characterizes breast care in the twenty-first century. Thanks to new diagnostic tools and the many advances in many therapies, including surgery, more women are now surviving breast cancer and enjoying a better quality of life than ever before.” The presenters of each of the CD’s 16 segments reflect the multidisciplinary approach that characterizes modern breast care. Topics are presented in lay language, avoiding technical medical terminology wherever possible. Coverage is comprehensive, with such topics as: · risk factors for breast disease · how to do breast self-examination · what to look for in choosing an imaging facility · detection methods, including self-examination, mammography, PET and MRI imaging, and fine needle biopsy · different types of breast surgery and breast reconstruction options · genetic counseling · physical and rehabilitation therapy following surgery · diet and lifestyle considerations for prevention of breast disease · peer support and emotional well-being following diagnosis of breast cancer · the relation of hormone replacement therapy to breast disease · tamoxifen and other new medications · directions of new scientific research Each presentation is brief and to the point, and many, such as the one on breast self-examination, are accompanied by helpful illustrations. The overall message of the CD stresses the importance of a proactive approach to breast health and early detection of breast disease. “The time is especially right for this CD-ROM,” says Eric A. Rose, chairman of the Columbia Presbyterian Department of Surgery. “Information is vital in helping women overcome their fears of breast disease and advising them of the importance of self-examination, mammography, and regular check-ups to promote early detection of breast disease. We also want people to know that today’s medical advances are contributing to a decline in deaths from breast cancer for the first time in 30 [check] years.” The CD-ROM was distributed at New York-Presbyterian Hospital on March 24 to more than 250 women attending a day-long health symposium, “The Health-Wise Woman: New Information – New Option.” It is compatible with both Macintosh and PC platforms, but runs best on a PC. Key faculty members featured on the CD-ROM include: Karen Antman, MD, Chief of Medical Oncology; David W. Kinne, MD, Professor Emeritus, Breast Surgery; Eric A. Rose, MD, Chairman, Department of Surgery; and Freya Schnabel, MD, Chief, Breast Surgery Division.



Breast Surgery Division, Karen Antman, PC, Professor Emeritus