My Work Depends on NIH Funding. -- Naresh B. Talathoti

March 12, 2013

I have been in clinical research for about 10 years, and in my current role in clinical care medicine, we conduct NIH-sponsored studies, so I depend on NIH funding.  I' went to the Rally for Medical Research in Washington, D.C., because I wanted to let those in Congress and others Washington know how important NIH funding is to our nation's health and economy.

I'm concerned about the risks budget cuts would pose to research like ours.  Even though my position is a permanent one, it's grant dependent. Quite simply, we depend on NIH funding.  So I wanted to be there for the rally, to join with the rest of the scientists, patients, residents, and clinicians from around the country to make our voices heard.  I hope Congress saw the big crowds and interest.  I hope they saw the anxiety we have over the cuts and the country's interest in supporting research. If we can get that across, through rallies and other activism, maybe we can bring about a positive response.

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