In Memoriam 2022

CUIMC extends sympathy to the families and colleagues of these community members who died this year:

Lucien J. Côté, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of neurology, died Dec. 21, 2022.


John M. Driscoll, MD, the Reuben S. Carpentier Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and chair of the VP&S Department of Pediatrics from 1992 to 2007, died Sept. 9, 2022.

John Driscoll Jr.

Mieczyslaw Finster, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of anesthesiology, died Sept. 11, 2022.

Mieczyslaw Finster

Blair Ford, MD, VP&S professor of neurology at CUMC, died Aug. 25, 2022.

Blair Ford

Salvatore Raymond Gambino, MD, former faculty member in the VP&S Department of Pathology & Cell Biology, died Jan. 1, 2022.

Ray Gambino

Kristine Gebbie, PhD, the Elizabeth Standish Gill Chair at Columbia Nursing from 1995 to 2008 and director of the school’s Center for Health Policy from 1996 to 2008, died May 17, 2022. She served as the nation’s first AIDS czar in the early 1990s.

Kristine Gebbie

Philip Lamar Graham III, MD, former associate professor of pediatrics at VP&S, died July 17, 2022.


Margaret Caroline Heagarty, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of pediatrics and director of pediatrics at Harlem Hospital Center for 22 years, died Dec. 23, 2022.

Margaret Heagarty

Mark L. Heaney, MD, PhD, VP&S associate professor of medicine at CUMC, died Aug. 17, 2022.

Mark Heaney

Wylie C. Hembree III, MD, retired faculty member in the VP&S Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, died Dec. 16, 2022.


Steven R. Isaacson, MD, professor emeritus of radiation oncology (in neurological surgery) at VP&S, died July 24, 2022.

Steven Isaacson

Albrecht Kellerer, PhD, VP&S professor of biophysics from 1968 to 1978 at the Columbia University Radiological Research Laboratory (now called the Center for Radiological Research), died July 31, 2022.

Albrecht Kellerer

Donald Kornfeld, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of psychiatry at CUMC, died July 5, 2022.

Donald Kornfeld

Sally Ann Lederman, PhD, retired VP&S faculty member in the Institute of Human Nutrition, died in May 2022.

Sally Ann Lederman

Eugene Litvak, PhD, professor emeritus and former head of what is now the Department of Sociomedical Sciences at the Mailman School of Public Health, died Feb. 5, 2022.

Eugene Litvak

Anke L. Nolting, PhD, longtime associate dean and executive director of development and alumni relations at VP&S, died Oct. 12, 2022.

Anke L. Nolting

Eugene Pantuck, MD, professor emeritus of anesthesiology at VP&S, died June 19, 2022.


Samuel Quiah, associate director of the Center for Education Research and Evaluation at VP&S, died March 17, 2022.

Samuel Quiah

Theodore Robinson, MD, retired VP&S professor of clinical radiology, died Jan. 1, 2022.


Andrea Schaaf, MPH, strategic information specialist at ICAP, died Nov. 18, 2022.


Alan Seplowitz, MD, retired VP&S associate professor of medicine at CUMC, died Feb. 24, 2022.

Alan Seplowitz

Bennett Stein, MD, the Byron Stookey Professor Emeritus of Neurological Surgery and former chair of the VP&S Department of Neurological Surgery, died Oct. 7, 2022.

Bennett Stein

Ronald L. Van Heertum, MD, retired VP&S professor of radiology, died Dec. 7, 2022.

Ronald Van Heertum