In Memoriam 2019

The CUIMC community extends sympathy to the families and colleagues of these faculty, staff, and students who died this year:

Christopher J. Allegra, MD, VP&S assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, died Sept. 5, 2019.


Avichai Assouline, editorial assistant in the CUIMC Office of Communications, died July 21, 2019.

Avichai Assouline

David H. Baker, MD, the James Picker Professor Emeritus of Radiology and former chair of the Department of Radiology at VP&S, died Sept. 25, 2019.

David Baker

Myles Behrens, MD, VP&S professor of ophthalmology, died April 5, 2019.


Louis Z. Cooper, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of pediatrics, died Oct. 3, 2019.


Dominic DeLotto, a rising second-year student at CDM, died in July 2019.


John Downey, MD, DPhil, the Simon Baruch Professor Emeritus of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and chair of the Department of Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine at VP&S from 1974 until 1991, died Oct. 24, 2019.


John T. Flynn, MD, VP&S professor of ophthalmology, died March 19, 2019.


Kenneth A. Forde, MD, the Jose M. Ferrer Professor Emeritus of Clinical Surgery at VP&S, died June 2, 2019.


Steven I. Gold, DDS, former clinical professor of dental medicine in CDM, died Aug. 6, 2019.


Thomas P. Jacobs, MD, the Roy and Diana Vagelos Professor of Medicine at VP&S, died in April 2019.


Ann S. Jennings-Purnell, MD, VP&S retired assistant clinical professor of medicine at Harlem Hospital, died March 9, 2019.


Judith E. Jones, professor emeritus of clinical population and family health at the Mailman School of Public Health, died March 13, 2019.


Donald F. Klein, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of psychiatry, died Aug. 7, 2019.


Margaret Morgan Lawrence, MD, former associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harlem Hospital, died Dec. 4, 2019.


Barbara W. Low, PhD, VP&S professor emeritus of biochemistry & molecular biophysics, died Jan. 10, 2019. See a related article in the CUIMC Newsroom.


James R. Malm, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of surgery, died Sept. 21, 2019.


Colleen Ngai, a research worker in the VP&S Department of Medicine, died Nov. 15, 2019.


Edward L. Nickoloff, DSc, VP&S professor emeritus of radiology (radiation physics) (in environmental health sciences) at CUMC, died March 11, 2019.


Paul J. Poppers, MD, former VP&S faculty member in anesthesiology, died June 10, 2019. 


Jeffrey Senzer, DDS, a volunteer faculty member in the CDM Division of Endodontics, died March 14, 2019.


Robert Richard Strome, MD, VP&S assistant clinical professor of ophthalmology, died May 30, 2019.


Theodore Van Itallie, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of medicine, died Sept. 14, 2019.


Gerald S. Weinberger, MD, VP&S assistant professor of clinical anesthesiology, died July 10, 2019.


Doris L. Wethers, MD, VP&S retired professor of clinical pediatrics at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, died Jan. 28, 2019.