In Memoriam 2018

December 27, 2018

The CUIMC community extends sympathy to the families and colleagues of faculty and staff who died this year.

Jane Asch, MD, VP&S assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, died April 23, 2018.


Eliza Bromfield, development and partnerships manager for Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare at the School of Nursing, died July 5, 2018.


Robert E. Burke, MD, the Alfred and Minnie Bressler Professor of Neurology (in Pathology & Cell Biology) at VP&S, died Jan. 1, 2018.


Vincent P. Butler, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of medicine, died June 7, 2018.


Paul Cannon, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of medicine and former chief of cardiology, died Jan. 2, 2018.


Leonard Chess, MD, chief of rheumatology at VP&S for 26 years, died Oct. 19, 2018.

Leonard Chess, MD

Robert Demarest, longtime medical illustrator and former director of the Center for Biomedical Communications, died Nov. 19, 2018.


Philip E. Duffy, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of neuropathology, died Sept. 21, 2018. Also see a  related article about his involvement in the review of the death of choreographer George Balanchine.


Solon A. Ellison, DDS, professor emeritus of dentistry, died Sept. 3, 2018


Ronald Fieve, MD, VP&S professor of clinical psychiatry, died Jan. 2, 2018.


Raymond Goetz, PhD, VP&S assistant professor of clinical psychology (in psychiatry), died Jan. 8, 2018.


Arnold P. Gold, MD, VP&S professor of clinical neurology and pediatrics, died Jan. 23, 2018.


John E. Hutchinson III, MD, former associate clinical professor of surgery at VP&S, died Jan. 18, 2018.


Herbert Kleber, MD, VP&S professor of psychiatry, died Oct. 5, 2018.


Marlene Klyvert-Moss, EdD, special lecturer and senior adviser to the Office of Diversity Affairs at CDM, died Sept. 25, 2018.


Donald L. King, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of clinical radiology, died Dec. 31, 2018.


Donald West King, MD, former chair of pathology at VP&S, died Oct. 27, 2018.


Emil F. Pascarelli, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of clinical medicine, died Jan. 22, 2018.


John B. Price, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of surgery, died March 25, 2018.


Vincent Santana, department administrator and chief financial officer for the VP&S Department of Neurology, died Aug. 9, 2018.


Miles J. Schwartz, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of clinical medicine, died April 13, 2018.


Theodore Stent, MD, VP&S retired associate clinical professor of radiology at Harlem Hospital, died April 29, 2018.


Mark Tenner, DDS, assistant professor at CDM, died April 6, 2018.


Ralph James Veenema, MD, VP&S professor emeritus of clinical urology, died Dec. 14, 2018.