Kites Fly In Celebration Of Humanism Day In Washington Heights

DATE: Sunday, August 27 TIME: Noon to 5 p.m. PLACE: Haven Avenue between 168 and 172 Streets

Free screenings for cholesterol and blood pressure, free childhood immunizations, free dental and dermatological checkups, and free sign-ups for breast cancer screenings — along with a festive party featuring music, food from a multitude of cultures, raffles, clowns, and the Mobile Children's Museum — will be the order of the day for the Washington Heights/ Inwood communities.

The event, titled “Celebrating Humanism: Building Community 2000,” is sponsored by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, the Campus Community Committee of the Columbia-Presbyterian Health Sciences Advisory Council, Columbia University Health Sciences Division, Community Board 12, and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

In commemoration of Humanism Day, there will be a dedication of “Celebrating a Community’s Energy and Commitment,” a permanent exhibition by artist Wilma B. Siegel, M.D. Dr. Siegel has created portraits of members of the Columbia Presbyterian community that will be attached to kites in the medical center’s Energy Court.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for children and adults of all ages to have fun and learn more about health and wellness at the same time,” said Dr. Herbert Pardes, president and CEO of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. “Celebrating humanism is indeed a celebration of the vital and dynamic Washington Heights/Inwood community that we at Columbia Presbyterian are proud to call home. It is in keeping with the Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s long-standing concern for humanism – the principle that our young doctors and other medical professionals must always put other people ahead of themselves.”

Among the participating departments of the medical center will be Urology, Dermatology, the Urgicare Center (cholesterol and blood pressure screenings), the Northern Manhattan Stroke Project, Pediatric Asthma, Prenatal Care, Women’s Health, Emergency Medical Service, Social Work Services, Geriatrics, Laser Surgery, Women and Infants Care (WIC program), Breast Cancer Screening Partnership, and the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center.

“Inspired by Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center's commitment to quality humanistic health care for patients and to the outstanding team of employees, faculty, and students providing that service, the sponsors created this special 'Humanism Day' event, " said Dr. Sandra Gold, executive vice president of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation. "We believe this celebration of health and humanism expresses appreciation to all those who work and/or live near the medical center and provides a unique opportunity for this great leader in health care to share its resources with our community."

The event, which is expected to attract a large crowd, is intended not only for the community, but also for medical center employees, whose lunch hour will be extended the next day to allow participation in a series of stress reduction, health, and safety workshops.


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