Immunotherapy: Cancer’s Newest Frontier

February 8, 2016

Columbia is at the forefront of a new field in cancer treatment—immunotherapy—that uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

To launch a new campaign to educate patients and the public about strides being made in cancer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital debuted an ad on local TV markets during the Feb. 7 Super Bowl game. The ad references research conducted by Columbia and Weill Cornell faculty. The ad is the first in a series of ads for TV, print, and digital platforms.

On a Columbia cancer website, faculty leaders in immunotherapy explain the field through videos: Naiyer Rizvi, MD, an internationally recognized leader in the treatment of lung cancer and immunotherapy drug development, whose research played a significant role in the FDA approval of a new class of immunotherapies for melanoma and lung cancer; Richard D. Carvajal, MD, an expert in early stage clinical trials; and Megan Sykes, MD, a physician-scientist who has developed a “personalized” mouse to understand the immune system’s role in fighting cancer. More about immunotherapy is available here.

Learn more at a Columbia website devoted to cancer research, treatment, and prevention.