Epic Phone Apps Advance Patient Care 

You have likely heard some discussion of new phone applications that we are introducing with the EpicTogether project. These apps are designed to ensure our patient records are protected when you access them from your phone. It’s an ounce of prevention to avoid harm, and every provider will be armed with this extra line of defense. 

The app, called MobileIron, will provide a safe environment for medical records. It’s one of the best tools available to protect patients’ data while adding convenient new options for providers. It also ensures that the patient record is kept separate from the personal data on your phone.

We recognize the concern you may have about using your own mobile device. We are making the following commitments to assure you that your own phone can continue to be your go-to access point.


Commitment #1: We will not track your locations. It’s true that the MobileIron app allows for tracking, but CUIMC leadership has decided to not turn on this feature. Our policies do not allow us to track an individual’s location.


Commitment #2: If your phone is lost, the university will NOT wipe all of your data. We recognize that you use your phone for more than work. If your phone is lost, we will wipe only the Epic data to ensure the privacy of the patient record. Any other data on your phone will be protected only to the extent of the protections you personally have set up for your phone. We have no plans to install an app that can wipe your phone clean.

When to Act

By the end of May, the IT department will post on its website and on EpicTogetherNY.org how-to guides on downloading the MobileIron app. It’s recommended you use the next several weeks to discuss with your team if your department needs to purchase a new device for you. Some providers have older model phones, and it’s recommended that you update to newer technology so you can benefit from the many resources the app offers. 

IT will conduct a pilot in June and hold a dress rehearsal in September. Providers will need to have the MobileIron app downloaded by then. 

Watch for more updates in the weeks to come. If you have questions, contact the CUIMC IT Information Security Office at security@cumc.columbia.edu.