Ebola: Response to Dr. Craig Spencer’s Recovery

Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital celebrate the release of Craig Spencer, MD, assistant professor of medicine at Columbia, from the hospital following successful treatment for Ebola.

In a joint statement, leaders of the medical center and the hospital also praised Dr. Spencer’s work in Africa that exposed him to Ebola.

We are happy and grateful that Craig Spencer, MD, assistant professor of medicine and an attending physician in the Emergency Department, has been released from Bellevue Hospital Center after being treated for Ebola. On behalf of all of Dr. Spencer’s friends and colleagues here at NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center, we want to acknowledge the superb care provided by the team at Bellevue. We look forward to his return to work after he has had sufficient time to resume a normal routine.

We are grateful to Dr. Spencer for his dedication and commitment to providing excellent medical care both here in New York and in West Africa. We wish him well as he begins the process of returning to his normal daily life.

Lee Goldman, MD Harold and Margaret Hatch Professor of the University Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine

Steven J. Corwin, MD Chief Executive Officer NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

While celebrating Dr. Spencer’s recovery, his colleagues at the medical center have renewed their commitment to raising understanding of the disease and its ongoing impact on African nations, as well as on the nations that welcome home relief workers and international travelers from affected nations. They also stress the importance of education in stemming the fear that accompanies the spread of the virus.