Dr. Eric Kandel And Colleagues Featured Prominently In New York Times And The Economist On Breakthrough Research On How Memories Are Stored

January 7, 2004

WHAT: Dr. Eric Kandel, University Professor of Physiology and Cell Biophysics, Psychiatry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at Columbia University, was interviewed extensively regarding two papers he co-authored that were published in the Dec. 26 issue of the journal Cell. Dr. Kandel and his colleagues discovered a new process for how memories might be stored, a finding that could help explain one of the least-understood activities of the brain. What’s more, the key player in this process is a protein that acts just like a prion – a class of proteins that includes the deadly agents involved in neurodegenerative conditions such as Mad Cow disease. Articles appeared in the New York Times (Dec. 25) and The Economist (Jan. 3), among other publications. For copies of the articles, contact the Office of External Relations at 305-3900.

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Columbia University, Eric Kandel, Mad Cow, University Professor