Do You Want More Skills Training? CUIMC Learning Has You Covered

April 10, 2019

Medical center employees who want to become more effective managers or team members can find training to help them achieve those goals through CUIMC Learning, a team that offers extensive professional and management skills training in the classroom and online.

An initiative of the Human Resources Talent Management Group, CUIMC Learning offers a spring 2019 roster of the following courses:

Employees may learn more and register for these—and many other courses—by visiting the University’s Enterprise Learning Management system.

Resources Tailored to CUIMC 

CUIMC Learning previously provided training primarily for ColumbiaDoctors, but when capacity expanded, they were able to make training available to the wider medical center community.

Courses from CUIMC Learning are particularly suited to medical center employees. “We wanted to make sure that opportunities were available on this campus and that some of the courses were customized for medical center staff—with examples, role-playing, and models that were relevant in a clinical setting, not just in a generic setting,” says Sophie Oberstein, associate director of learning and organization development.

Programs offered by CUIMC Learning have received an overwhelmingly positive response so far. “Our evaluation data consistently show that people find our trainings helpful. And I often hear people say, ‘I use your tools all the time in my work,’ whether it be around giving effective feedback or learning to communicate empathy for patients,” says Aaron Vieira, senior director of talent and organization development.

In course evaluations from last year, 98% of participants said they would recommend the offerings to a colleague.


Team Training and Other Services

Employees also can participate as a team in CUIMC Learning courses. “If there’s an intact work group that needs one of these topics and has at least 12 people in it, we could do a customized version for them,” says Oberstein.

Vieira notes that taking certain courses, such as Crucial Conversations, as a team can lead to better adoption. “If everyone is familiar with the concepts, and applying new skills together, it is much easier to shift team dynamics. As more and more people talk openly about crucial matters it becomes a new team norm, helping to strengthen relationships and improve decision-making.”

For more information about learning and development opportunities, write to To find other tips for professional development, including coaching and mentoring, visit the CUIMC HR website.