Cumc Library Opens First Digital Online Exhibit

Archives & Special Collections at the Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library is pleased to announce the opening of its first digital on-line exhibit, "Reflected Moments: Images of the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, 1957-1991," featuring over 30 examples of the work of Elizabeth "Libby" Wilcox (1916-2000), the unofficial Medical Center photographer between 1957 and 1991.

The exhibit may be seen at:

About the Wilcox Collection

As the wife of long-time Columbia faculty member, Dr. Herbert "Bud" Wilcox, Jr., Libby Wilcox was given unimpeded access to the workings of the Medical Center. Her camera captured the daily routines and extraordinary events of a great academic medical center during a period of tremendous change for American medicine. Seen in the exhibit are portraits of medical legends Drs. Apgar, Atchley, and Loeb; breakthroughs such as pediatric open-heart surgery in 1958; and such long-vanished Medical Center landmarks as Maxwell Hall and the Fort Washington Avenue greenhouses.

In 1991, Dr. and Mrs. Wilcox donated her unparalleled archive of over 100,000 images (most in negative form) to the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and deposited it in Archives and Special Collections at the Health Sciences Library. "Reflected Moments" is an enlarged digital version of a catalog first published in 1993 by the Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library to accompany an exhibition of Wilcox's photographs at the Medical Center. The original catalog was compiled and coordinated by Marvin J. Taylor, Head of Special Collections at the Health Sciences Library, and designed by Richard Miller of the Columbia University Center for Biomedical Communications. Both the exhibit and catalog were made possible with the support of Dr. Pat Molholt, Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources.

This digital version was revised and coordinated by Stephen E. Novak, Head, Archives & Special Collections, and designed by Andy Lin, Curriculum Design Studio, Office of Scholarly Resources, and Kathren Torraca, Health Sciences Library.

For more information about the exhibit, or about the Wilcox Collection, contact Archives & Special Collections at

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