CUIMC Women Leaders Convene Panel on Aug. 19

August 14, 2020
From left: Donna Lynne, Lorraine Frazier, Linda Fried, and Sandra Harris
From left: Donna Lynne, Lorraine Frazier, Linda Fried, and Sandra Harris

On Aug. 19, women leaders from across CUIMC will discuss issues and challenges around diversity and leadership during an online panel held via Zoom. The CUIMC Women in Leadership panel features:

  • Lorraine Frazier, PhD, RN, dean of the School of Nursing, the Mary O’Neil Mundinger Professor of Nursing, and senior vice president, CUIMC 
  • Linda Fried, MD, MPH, dean of the Mailman School of Public Health, the DeLamar Professor of Public Health Practice, professor of epidemiology and medicine, and senior vice president, CUIMC
  • Donna Lynne, DrPH, senior vice president and chief operating officer, CUIMC, and chief executive officer, ColumbiaDoctors

“Our workforce is majority female, but we know that leadership positions are not evenly distributed,” Lynne says. “Having more women leaders benefits the community because we all have a responsibility to be role models, for our co-workers, our children, and community members.”

The panelists will focus on career growth, leadership challenges, and strategies for balancing priorities. The discussion will be moderated by Sandra Harris, associate vice president, CUIMC Government and Community Affairs. 

“One of the critical issues in talking about women leaders is to understand the hesitancy of many women about taking on leadership roles,” Fried says. “The evidence is strong that organizations benefit tremendously from leadership by women and that women leaders bring diversity of vision that strengthens our future. The challenge is to identify what it takes to attract women to leadership roles and position them for success.”

The event was organized by the CUIMC women employee resource group, which seeks to engage the medical center community in meaningful activities and opportunities for discussion. Employee resource groups are part of a larger effort underway by the CUIMC Staff Diversity Council to foster an inclusive workplace.

“True leaders develop self-confidence through developing and living their personal values,” Frazier says. “That confidence results not in domination of a leader over her organization, but in trust—trust to share decision-making with the team and to promote a balanced exchange of ideas. That trust, in turn, fosters openness and collaboration, leading to a shared vision that motivates and moves the organization forward to success. A successful organization results not only in achievement of stakeholder goals, but also promotes professional growth and enhanced opportunities for employees and the development of new leaders. Leaders grow new leaders.”

All Columbia University faculty and staff members are invited to the event. Register to attend the CUIMC Women in Leadership Panel Discussion