CUIMC Update - April 19, 2023

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Columbia Anesthesiologists Tackle Climate Change in the OR
Anesthesia gases are greenhouse gases and reducing their use is crucial for the environment, says Holden Groves, MD, assistant professor of anesthesiology at VP&S. Groves and his team have been working to reduce Columbia's contribution to greenhouse gases by changing the anesthetic gases they use and reducing the amount used during each procedure. Read more.

Columbia Psychiatrist Co-Chairs Committee on New Guidelines for Adult ADHD
The number of diagnosed cases of adult ADHD has increased significantly in the United States within the past decade, but until now there have been no U.S. guidelines for diagnosis and evaluation of ADHD in adults. Frances R. Levin, MD, a psychiatrist at VP&S, is co-chair of an American Society of ADHD and Related Disorders committee tasked with writing new guidelines for adult ADHD and discusses the symptoms and behavioral patterns in adult ADHD and how they differ from those in children. Read more.

Does Returning to the Office Bring on Bladder Issues? Columbia Urologist Weighs In
Doreen Chung, MD, a urologist at VP&S, has seen an uptick in patients with urinary issues since workers have been returning to offices. She shares how working from home can mask bladder issues, including stress urinary incontinence; how to fix habits acquired while working from home; and when you should see a urologist for treatment. Read more.

Columbia Physician Works to Debunk Medical Misinformation on Social Media
Social media is full of inaccurate and misleading medical information that creates confusion for people, causes mistrust of health professionals, and prevents people from getting the health care they need. Columbia physician Eric Burnett, MD, began making videos on TikTok in 2020 to counter misinformation about COVID-19 and now regularly shares information and answers questions for his more than half a million followers. Read more.

How to Know Your Lungs are Healthy, According to a Columbia Pulmonologist
Good news: If your breathing is natural or so regular you do not notice it at all, your lungs are most likely healthy. If you regularly experience shortness of breath or coughing, however, you may want to have your lungs examined. Wilson Quezada, MD, a specialist in lungs and issues related to breathing, shares what you should know about your lungs and the best ways to keep your lungs healthy. Read more.

Volunteers Needed for Commencement Week at CUIMC
Volunteers can sign up for four-hour shifts on one of four days of ceremonies, May 15-18. Volunteer roles include welcoming and directing guests, graduates, and faculty; escorting guests with special needs; providing general facility information; and distributing programs. Volunteers will attend a training lunch on Monday, May 15. If you are interested in participating and have permission from your supervisor, fill out a volunteer form before April 28.


CUIMC Grand Rounds: Integrating Mental and Oral Health
April 20, 4 p.m., Faculty Club, 630 W. 168 St., 4th Floor
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COMBO (COVID-19 Mother Baby Outcomes) Second Annual Playdate: Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family
April 23, 2 p.m., Haven Plaza, Haven Avenue between Fort Washington Avenue and 169th Street
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Lifesaving Skills Training: Hands-Only CPR, AED Use, Naloxone
April 23, 2:30 p.m., Haven Plaza, Haven Avenue between Fort Washington Avenue and 169th Street
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Indigenous Perspective on Aging and Policy
April 25, 3 p.m., online
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Denim Day (CUIMC)
April 26, 11 a.m., Hammer Health Sciences Center, 701 W. 168 St., LL1 Lobby
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Tissue Talks: Denis Wirtz, JHU
April 26, 3 p.m., online
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Sun Smarts: How to Keep Kids Healthy and Safe this Spring and Summer
April 26, 6 p.m., online
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Disability Etiquette, Awareness and Customized Employment
April 27, 11 a.m., Vagelos Education Center, 104 Haven Ave., Room 1402/1403
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The John Lindenbaum Memorial Lecture Series: Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation in STEM and Medicine
April 27, 4 p.m., Black Building, 650 W. 168 St., Alumni Auditorium
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Why Is There Confusion About Whether Masks Prevent COVID-19?
April 27, 6:15 p.m., online
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Turning the Tide: Combatting Misinformation in Public Health
April 28, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Faculty House, 64 Morningside Dr.
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Earth Day at CUIMC
April 28, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Haven Plaza, Haven Avenue between Fort Washington Avenue and 169th Street
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Symposium on Segregated Healthcare: Redesigning Care for Equity
April 28, 1 p.m., Vagelos Education Center, 104 Haven Ave., Room 201
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Ethics Grand Rounds: Medicalizing and Criminalizing of Mental Health
May 2, 12 p.m., online
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Ruth Masterson Creber, PhD: $1,950,722 over two years from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute for "Using Mobile Integrated Health and Telehealth to Support Transitions of Care among Heart Failure Patients."


Andrea Califano, PhD, Systems Biology: $4,893,902 over five years from the National Cancer Institute for "Elucidating and Targeting tumor dependencies and drug resistance determinants at the single cell level."

Elvira Parravicini, MD, Pediatrics: $1,100,000 over one year from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation for "Neonatal Comfort Care Program."

Christiane Reitz, MD, PhD, Neurology: $1,249,345 over five years for a subaward from the National Institute on Aging for "Recruitment and Retention for Alzheimer's Disease Diversity Genetic Cohorts in the ADSP (READD-ADSP) Project 1."

Neil Shneider, MD, PhD, Neurology: $3,290,000 over four years from the Army Medical Research and Materiel Command for "REGALS: Regulatory T Cells in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis."

Milan Stojanovic, PhD, Medicine: $894,951 over four years for a subaward from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering for "Bio-electrochemical detectors for in vivo continuous monitoring."

Masayuki Yazawa, PhD, Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine: $2,064,422 over four years from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for "Developing Next Generation Genetics for Understanding Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology."



Suzanne Bakken, PhD, has been appointed a member of the Methodology Committee at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute for four years.

Max Topaz, PhD, was elected to serve as International Medical Informatics Association board vice president for MEDINFO conference in 2025.


Cory Abate-Shen, PhD, Molecular Pharmacology & Therapeutics, has been selected as the 2023 recipient of the American Association for Cancer Research Women in Cancer Research Charlotte Friend Lectureship.

Stanley Chang, MD, Ophthalmology, was honored April 4 with the Milstein Service Achievement Award.

Franklin D. Costantini, PhD, Genetics & Development, and Sankar Ghosh, PhD, Microbiology & Immunology, have been elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD, Institute for Cancer Genetics, received the AACR Award for Outstanding Achievement in Blood Cancer Research.



The New York Times
How Do You Know if You’re Addicted to Weed?
Apr 10, 2023 - The potential consequences of cannabis use disorder are not as severe as with other drugs like opiates, where overdose deaths are a dire concern. But cannabis addiction can cause “a dramatic decrease in quality of life,” said Dr. Christina Brezing, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University. Here’s what to know.

The New York Times
Is It a Cold, or Is It Allergies?
Apr 9, 2023 - Many viral infections like the common cold cause symptoms that are slightly different from those caused by seasonal allergies, said Dr. Joyce Yu, a pediatric allergist immunologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

MSNBC Online
I'm a Longevity Expert. Here's Why I Tell My Students to Read the Obits.
Apr 7, 2023 - In the Columbia University class “(Y)our Longer Life,” that I co-teach with Dr. Dana Palmer, we examine the meaning and opportunities of aging and the attendant expectations, myths, fears, and realities. We explore the physical, cognitive, and psychological aspects of aging, from the attributes and challenges of aging, to the keys of aging successfully.

Editor's Note: Linda P. Fried, the author of this article, is dean of the Mailman School of Public Health.