Commencement 2018: Dental Medicine Student Stories

Columbia College of Dental Medicine graduate Yumna Piracha, DDS'18

In addition to pursuing her studies, Yumna Piracha, DDS'18, feels fortunate to have mentored high school students during her time at CDM. "I provided initial academic skill development and health care career exposure to students who otherwise would not strive for higher education," she says.

"When a child gains an education, it sends ripples of positive change across a community, and understanding and realizing that I have been part of this has truly been gratifying."

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Columbia College of Dental Medicine graduate Tiffany Lewis DDS'18

Tiffany Lewis

Tiffany Lewis, DDS'18, grew up on Trinidad where she saw a need for health care professionals ready and willing to treat underserved populations.

"It is distressing to see families in rural and urban areas unable to access, let alone afford, preventative and restorative care," she says. "This motivated me towards a career in dentistry to care for and catalyze change in my community in which innocent, disadvantaged families have inadvertently become victims of their circumstances."

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