Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center Offers Support To Dominican Community

December 1, 2001

Free Grief Counseling and Heart Screenings Available

WHO/WHAT: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center is actively reaching out to the Dominican population in Washington Heights, offering its support to a community that is struggling to cope with the tragic loss of many family members and friends who were passengers aboard the Santa Domingo-bound American Airlines Flight 587 that crashed last month. The Medical Center is offering free counseling sessions with therapists and social workers to help individuals and families deal with their grief. In addition, because individuals are at greater risk for heart problems after a major disaster such as this, free heart disease screenings are being offered to educate those at risk about the causes of heart disease and the signs and symptoms of heart attack. Cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels will be tested and free educational materials about heart disease risk and post-traumatic stress disorder will be provided.

WHEN/WHERE: Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call for appointment and location: Grief counseling: 305-5977 Heart screening: 305-4866

WHY: “Columbia Presbyterian is an integral part of the Washington Heights community,” says William A. Polf, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for External Relations at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. “When the community is in pain, the Hospital is in pain. In addition to the loss of many community friends and colleagues, the Hospital itself lost employees and family members in this tragic event. We feel that it is important that we reach out to take an active role in the healing process during this painful and difficult time.”



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