Caring for Yourself and Others with COVID-19

Most people who experience COVID-19 will be able to care for themselves at home and will not need to visit their doctor or require hospitalization.

In the video below, David Buchholz, MD, senior founding medical director for primary care at ColumbiaDoctors, has advice for people infected with the new coronavirus, those who think they may be infected, and caregivers.


Topics in the video:

How do most cases progress? (0:06)

When do I need to talk to a doctor or seek medical attention? (1:05)

Can I get tested if I think I have COVID-19? (1:56)

Is it OK to use shared laundry rooms or laundromats? (2:54)

Who should wear a mask, and when? (3:45)

After I recover, when can I end my self-isolation? (5:40)