Project PossABILITY Initiative

Project PossABILITY Initiative

Since 2020, the Project PossABILITY Initiative at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) has offered job opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This inclusive hiring program is designed to help these individuals gain meaningful employment, while providing CUIMC with a diverse and inclusive workforce.

In addition to job opportunities, Project PossABILITY has provided individuals with disabilities with job training, coaching, and employment support within CUIMC through partnerships with several community-based organizations. The initiative meets CUIMC workplace needs while providing resources, and services, to help individuals with disabilities in the CUIMC community reach their full potential.

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are an untapped talent pool with enormous potential to improve our workforce and workplace.

 Keith Diaz, PhD, Florence Irving Associate Professor of Behavioral Medicine and Founder of Project PossABILITY.


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