Cardoso Laboratory

Research Overview

My research focuses on the mechanisms that regulate lung development, regeneration-repair and the understanding of how disruption of developmental events influence adult pulmonary diseases. Our studies have led to identification of crucial roles for Notch, Hippo-Yap, retinoic acid, Fgf and other pathways in the control of stemness and differentiation of lung stem cells, morphogenesis, and the aberrant cell behaviors that result in adult pulmonary chronic diseases.

Current projects include:

  • Analyses of the molecular and cellular events leading to the ontogeny of the airway stem cell compartment.
  • Identification of novel components of the endogenous airway progenitor/stem cell pool in mice and humans and their potential role in pulmonary disease pathogenesis.
  • Control of differentiation and diversification of multiciliated cells in developing airways and in adult pulmonary diseases.
  • Identification of biomarkers and regulators of early biological changes leading to interstitial lung disease/pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Hippo-Yap regulation of lung development and disease.

Wellington V. Cardoso, MD, PHD
Professor of Medicine and Genetics & Development
Director, Columbia Center for Human Development

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