Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow General Conference Schedule

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Darling HP 1st floor
Biweekly 1st & 3rd
Tumor Board
Herbert Irving Pavilion
3rd Floor, Rm 3-320
(HIP 3-320)
Chest Radiology Conference*
HIP 3-320

1st Friday of month

ILD Conference
HIP 3-320

Biweekly 2nd & 4th

12 – 1 pm


Myrna Daniels Auditorium
Allergy & Immunology Didactic Lectures
Richards Courand, PH9
1 – 2 pm   Critical Care Clinical Case Conference (C5)
Milstein 6GS-303

Last Wednesday of the Month

Location varies
See lecture schedule for locations


First Friday of the Month

Heart Center 

Pulmonary Hypertension
Multi-Disciplinary Conference

Jason Library CHONY

Third Thursday of month

Quality Improvement* Sessions
Heart Center
Multi-Disciplinary ECMO Conference
Jason Library CHONY


3 – 4 pm     Critical Care
Grand Rounds

Heart Center
Conference Room 1&2

* Mandatory Conference for all PCCM Fellows
** Mandatory Conference for PCCM Research Fellows, strongly encouraged for all fellows excluding MICUA, transplant fellows

Chest Conference: Given by 1st year fellows, attended by all fellows and pulmonary, allergy and critical care faculty. This conference consists of two 30-minute case-based presentations, a brief review, and a focused discussion on a specific clinical question about the diagnosis or management pertinent to the clinical case.

Pathology Conference:  This is a multidisciplinary, case-based conference of interesting pulmonary and critical care cases with anatomic pathology.  The clinical details of the case are presented, chest radiologists read the thoracic imaging, and a pulmonary pathologist reviews the pathology slides.

Pulmonary & Critical Care Didactic Series: Lecture series focusing on major pulmonary and critical care topics from the fellowship core curriculum alternating between pulmonary & critical care medicine, given by PCCM faculty, as well as faculty from other disciplines.

Pulmonary Journal Club : Every week, a fellow presents a thorough review of an article recently published in Pulmonary or Critical Care Medicine literature.  They are required to critique the clinical study design and statistical methods, examine the pros and cons of the article, and generate discussion with the audience.   A clinical epidemiologist in our division helps facilitates the discussion.
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PACC Research Conference: This is a research-in-progress conference for PCCM faculty and fellows to present data and results from their original research projects and a conference in which nationally recognized, visiting professors/investigators present their research.

Chest Radiology Conference: This is an educational conference where fellows review and discuss chest radiographs and CT scans of their patients with Dr. Neil Schluger and Dr. Chun Yip.

Critical Care Clinical Case Conference (C5): Our fellows and faculty identify patients seen in the MICU, critical care consult service, or step-down unit with interesting teaching points from the month. The faculty and fellows present the cases highlighting the teaching elements including interesting ultrasound images. This conference is attended by fellows, residents, MICU NPs and critical care faculty. This serves as a forum for discussion of methods for quality improvement in addition to rare diseases and management strategies in critical care.

Critical Care Forum (CCF): This conference occurs every other month and is a fellow-led review and active discussion of the literature on key controversies in current critical care. It is presented by a 3rd year fellow or PharmD, and is attended by all PCCM fellows, MICU NPs and critical care faculty. This is also a forum for identifying potential research projects to help answer outstanding questions.

Quality Improvement Conference: This conference occurs every other month introrducing fellows to the major concepts of Quality Improvement theory and methodology.

Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Conference: This is a bimonthly interdisciplinary conference attended by pulmonologists, rheumatologists, radiologists, and pathologists, where faculty and fellows present interstitial lung disease cases. 

Thoracic Tumor Board: This is a bimonthly interdisciplinary case conference attended by pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists.  Discussions surround the intricacies of diagnosis, staging and management of lung cancer and thoracic surgery cases.
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LVRS Conference: This is a bimonthly interdisciplinary case conference attended by pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, radiologists, and physiatrists, where all patients under consideration for lung volume reduction surgery are reviewed.

Multi-Disciplinary ECMO Conference:This is a quarterly case conference run by Dr. Cara Agerstrand attended by critical care attendings, PCCM fellows, thoracic surgeons, and cardiologists to discuss cannulation strategies and management of complex medical ECMO (veno-veno and veno-arterial) cases.

Pulmonary Hypertension Multi-Disciplinary Conference: This is a monthly case conference run by Dr. Erika Berman attended by adult critical care attendings, PCCM fellows, thoracic surgeons, cardiologists, and pediatric cardiologists. Discussions surround the diagnosis and management (medical and surgical) of complex pulmonary hypertension cases.

Critical Care Grand Rounds: This is a series of invited lectures from visiting faculty for a large audience of the greater critical care community at Columbia including medical, surgical, neurological, cardiac and pediatric intensive care providers and staff.  Twice a year one of our senior PCCM fellows presents a case-based lecture involving a critical review of the current literature on a critical care topic of their choice.