Students take the MCAT and request scores be sent to Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons. The MCAT must have been taken within the prior three years.

International students are welcome to apply.

Once applications are complete, highly qualified applicants are invited to Columbia for a series of medical school and MD-PhD program interviews. For dates, please check here.

The interview day begins at 8:45am with a light breakfast, and an introduction to the program by the directors and administrative staff. Applicants then meet individually with MD-PhD Advisory Committee members, a medical school interviewer, faculty members, and student interviewers. All interviews will take place in one day, unless otherwise arranged.

Students in the program host a campus tour and an informal lunch the day of the interviews. Optional informal dinners, one the evening before the interview, and one the evening following the interviews, are also offered. This gives our applicants the opportunity to meet with current medical and MD-PhD students over lunch and a campus tour.