Ruth Ottman, Ph.D.
Professor of Epidemiology (in Neurology and the Sergievsky Center)
Deputy Director for Research, Sergievsky Center, Columbia University
Research Scientist, New York State Psychiatric Institute

She received an A.B. in zoology in 1975 and a Ph.D. in genetics in 1980 at the University of California, Berkeley, and completed a post-doc in cancer epidemiology at the same institution in 1981. She joined the faculty in epidemiology at Columbia University in 1981.

Dr. Ottman's primary area of expertise is genetic epidemiology. Her research addresses the role of inherited factors in susceptibility to neurologic disorders, primarily focusing on seizure disorders. She is also interested in methodologic issues in genetic epidemiology, including research designs for testing gene-environment interaction, methods for collection of valid family history data, and approaches to assessing familial aggregation.



Shawn T. Sorge
Research Coordinator
Sergievsky Center, Columbia University

Shawn is a Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology at Long Island University, Brooklyn. He received a B.A in Psychology and Religion from Brooklyn College, City University of New York in 2010, and M.A in Psychology in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2014. His research interests include the psychosocial impacts of causal attributions of illness, religion/spirituality and well-being, mind-body medicine, and cognitive impairments of neurological disorders.