What items are in your home that is preventing your from better running health?

In Runner's World article "18 Household Items Runners Should Toss - And 5 to Keep," Colleen Brough, DPT, director of the Columbia RunLab lists some things lying around your house that you can get rid of to increase your running health. 

How can household items affect your running health? Your environment can influence your "...injury risk, performance, and overall well being," according to Cindy Kuzma of Runner's World. Along with 18 unnecessary items to toss, the article suggests 5 things to keep around for good running health.

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Colleen Brough, PT, DPT, MS, OCS is an assistant professor of rehabiliation and regenerative medicine at Columbia University Medical Center's Program in Physical Therapy, Co-Director of Clinical Education, and Director of the Columbia RunLab.