Stroke Support Group

Stroke Warriors

Stroke Warriors is bilingual stroke support group sponosored by the Columbia University Medical Center's Stroke Division. The group offers guest speakers, Q&A sessions, and resources for stroke survivors, friends, families, and anyone else that has been affected by stroke. 

Attendees must RSVP to confirm attendance and meeting dates.



Harlem Hospital Center

506 Lenox Ave. (at 135th st.)

New York, NY 10037


Columbia Communicty Partnership in Health Center

390 Ft. Washington Ave. (b/t 177th and a178th Sts.)

New York NY 10032


  • Second Friday of each month at 3pm @ Harlem Hospital Center
  • Two meetings per month at 10am @ Columbia Communicty Partnership in Health Center


Contact Information:

Find contact information on Stroke Warriors Webpage.