Neuromuscular and Stroke Rehabilitation

The Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine is committed to providing the most advanced stroke and neuromuscular rehabilitation care, including state-of-the-art treatments that are not widely available in other centers.

Our physicians and researchers are active in creating and testing new treatments to improve the lives of individuals living with the after-effects of stroke. Stroke rehabilitation is provided on the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale Subacute Rehabilitation Program and on an outpatient basis.  Additionally, we also have specialists who treat patients with neuromuscular disorders including ALS, motor neuron disease, muscular dystrophies, and neuropathies including Guillan Barre syndrome. 

Outpatient evaluations include a thorough review of prior medical and neurological history, and review of prior rehabilitation therapy received. A structured rehabilitation program is established to maximize return of functional abilities, and may include physical (PT), occupational (OT), and/or speech-language and cognitive therapy (SLP). In the treatment plan, we also incorporate specialized exercise programs, medications, and assistive devices when needed. A full range of spasticity therapies are available, including botulinum toxin injections. Patients may also be referred for possible participation in clinical trials of emerging treatments for stroke recovery and rehabilitation, such as robot-aided rehabilitation or non-invasive brain stimulation therapy. We work closely with PT, OT and SLP staff at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to coordinate therapy and achieve the best possible outcome.

Evaluations with one of our stroke or neuromuscular specialists are available at our offices at Columbia University Medical Center in Washington Heights, directly across from the Milstein Hospital building.  For more location details, please see the listing at the right.

Please call (212) 305-3535 for an appointment.


If you or someone you know if seeking a support group for stroke, check out the Stroke Warriors.